Struggling with Warts? We Can Help

Warts on your feet (known as plantar warts) can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but they are very common. Plantar warts are caused by a strain of the human papillomavirus (HPV) usually develop on the soles of the feet and heels. Warts are usually harmless in healthy people and most cases eventually clear up on their own, but people with underlying health issues like diabetes or a weakened immune system may be at risk for complications even from minor foot and ankle conditions like warts. The podiatrists at Regional Foot and Ankle Specialists offer a range of diagnostic and treatment options for foot and ankle injuries in Turnersville and Pennsauken, NJ.

Treatment for Plantar Warts in Turnersville and Pennsauken, NJ

Plantar warts usually develop under the weight bearing surfaces of the foot, so they are most commonly found on the balls of the feet or the bottom of the heels.

Other signs/symptoms of plantar warts include:

  • Pain and discomfort when you walk or place pressure on the wart
  • Unlike blisters which tend to be soft and filled with fluid, plantar warts are usually flat and covered by a thick/course layer of skin
  • You may also notice little black dots inside the wart (blood vessels)

People with diabetes or underlying health conditions that compromise the immune system like HIV/AIDS should seek immediate treatment for plantar warts or other common problems like cuts or lesions that could increase the risk of infection.

The HPV virus that causes warts on the feet is contracted through cuts or small breaks in the skin. Avoid going barefoot, especially in public places like gym lockers and showers or public pools. Keep your feet clean and dry, and wear clean socks every day. Plantar warts aren't transmitted from person to person, but you should avoid touching your feet and wash your hands after contact.

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