Struggling With Bunions?

The inside line of your foot should be as straight as possible including the shape of your big toe. When you have a bunion, that shape is Bunionsthrown into disarray—the base of the big toe sticks out while the top of the toe points inward. It’s uncomfortable and unsightly. The smartest way to deal with bunions is to get professional treatment and advice from a podiatrist at Regional Foot and Ankle Specialists in Pennsauken and Turnersville, NJ.

Do You Have Bunions?
If you have bunions, it will be apparent, whether from the discomfort you feel when you’re wearing certain shoes, or by looking at your feet in comparison to others. The base of the toe shifts out of alignment until it looks like you have a growth on the inside of your foot. Check the rest of your toes as well—ideally, they should have ample space to move around and separate. If they are crunched together and overlapping due to pressure from the big toe, that’s a common sign of bunions.

Bunion Help from a Podiatrist
Even severe cases of bunions may be treatable using conservative, non-surgical methods. These are some of the therapies your Pennsauken and Turnersville, NJ podiatrist may recommend:

- The insertion of protective padding inside of shoes that will prevent friction and inflammation.
- Better footwear, designed to support and align the feet when you’re walking.
- Orthotic devices made by your foot doctor that train the feet into a more comfortable and attractive position.
- Foot splinting and wrapping.

No More Bunions
If you have a good understanding of why your bunions formed in the first place, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding a recurrence of this common foot condition. Here are a few tips for keeping your feet in good form:

- Toss the shoes you have been wearing most often, as they may be responsible for the bunions (tight shoes and high heels are common culprits).
- Soak and stretch your feet nightly, per instructions given by your Pennsauken or Turnersville, NJ podiatrist.
- Pay attention to the way you walk and make adjustments as needed. Overpronation, which is the inclination to roll your feet inward when you take a step, could cause stress on the big toe joint.

Normal Feet Are Possible
Don’t feel as if you have to spend a lifetime struggling to get your feet to fit normal shoes because of your bunions. Call (856) 488-5290 for our Pennsauken, NJ, office or (856) 875-8855 for our Turnersville, NJ, office today to talk about solutions with a podiatrist at Regional Foot and Ankle Specialists.