Proper Foot Hygiene

Giving your feet the proper TLC now will ensure good foot health for the future.foot hygiene

Your feet do a lot for you. You probably don’t think much about it but from walking around in uncomfortable high heels to running for the bus, your poor feet deserve a little daily pampering. Our Pennsauken and Turnersville, NJ, podiatrists are here to provide tips on proper foot care etiquette.

Keep Feet Clean and Dry

Washing your feet should be something you do every day with nice soapy water and a hand towel. Make sure to wash in between those toes, too. Once you get out of the shower you will want to be as meticulous drying your feet as you were washing them (that’s right; in between the toes should also be completely dry) to prevent fungal infections.

Don’t Forget the Moisture

Being on your feet is hard work for your feet. Sometimes skin can become dry, cracked or even callused. To prevent this from happening, always use a moisturizing cream over your feet every day.

Trim Those Nails

While it might seem obvious to trim your toenails regularly you’ll also want to trim them properly to prevent ingrown toenails. Here’s how to trim toenails:

Using clean nail clippers, cut the nail straight across (never at an angle) and make sure not to trim the nail too short. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the tip of the nail aligns with the tip of your toe. If you are unable to trim your toenails yourself, one of our Pennsauken and Turnersville, NJ foot doctors can do it for you when you come in for your next visit.

Wear the Proper Attire

And by attire we mean footwear. If you must sport those high heels remember to be kind to your feet and perhaps trade them in for supportive tennis shoes when traveling to and from work. And don’t wear high heels every day. You should be going for shoes that provide enough room to prevent your toes from bunching up and to prevent shoes from gliding up and down on feet, which can cause blisters and other problems.

If you are dealing with heel pain, bunions or other foot problems then it’s time you turned to a professional for care. Call Regional Foot and Ankle Specialists in Pennsauken and Turnersville, NJ, today!